About Mannina's Wine House

We're a local family with a passion for wine and bringing people together!

All of us at Mannina’s Wine House invite you in for a truly unique experience.

Entering Mannina’s Wine House, you’ll be greeted with our charming, wine cellar atmosphere that feels like you’ve stepped into the old world. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy a glass, or bottle, of our specialty Irvin James wine!

Touting many flavors to appeal to every palate, we encourage you to experience the flavors we offer with friends and family. It’s the perfect setting to share and create lasting memories, which is the foundation we have built this establishment upon.

Along with your favorite glass of wine, Mannina’s offers carefully crafted fondue and cheese platters to enhance your wine house experience.

Our family would like to extend a warm welcome and appreciation for your visit. We hope to create a memorable experience that will inspire you to visit us time and time again.